stop violence

A political photo project to stop violence against women  


Violence against women is a worldwide problem. It has been part of misogynistic culture for hundreds of years – also in Europe. Public opinion in some West European countries often identifies violence against women as an imported problem. Brought to Europe by migration from Africa and the Middle East. If the violators are white men from the home region, politicians and the media prefer to speak of mental problems in tragic but isolated cases. Women who survive the attacks are often confronted with the question of what should they have done differently to avoid the traumatic experience. No one talks about the basic misogynous structure of our society.

“Stop violence – Keep your hands off women”. A photo project

The political photo project addresses the severe problem of the permanent threat against women while at the same time showing viewers self-confident solidarity among women.


Women of different age and background are depicted in portrait format in single shots standing in front of a neutral background. Each of them holds a sign in poster format (A3) in an outstretched fist. The following overall text is displayed: Keep your hands off women. The words are on one panel each. There are two series of five photographs. The photos are enbedded in a frame. The frame's headline says: Stop violence.

The overall composition indicates solidarity among women and at the same time resistance. The images depict self-confident women standing in solidarity with other women. Resistance is symbolized by the choice of words as well as gestures and facial expressions.

The project

This project is a cooperation between the photographer and activists from the Green Party Vienna. It is supported by the Green European Foundation (GEF) and MEP Monika Vana.